Hindi Sahitya Utsav 2017

Being a literature lover, book launches and literature fests are something I always look forward to. When Mr. Anirban Saha of Kolkata Bloggers notified me of the Hindi Sahitya Utsav at Oxford Bookstore in Delhi, I couldn’t resist myself but instantly say a yes. I kept my hopes high and waited for 19th March 2017. At the Hindi Sahitya Utsav stalls had been set up; exhibitions were put up to encourage and showcase the handicrafts of people; books were beautifully stacked as per their genre and it aroused the enthusiasm of the audience.


The program began with a powerful speech of Mrinal Pandey. ‘’pedon ke hilne se aandhi aati hai yaa andhi ke aane se ped hilte hain’’(Does the dancing trees results in storm or does the storm shakes them?).


Is it society that created language or did language give rise to the formation of society? Hindi is a flexible language and thus a single change can transform the very essence upside down. A writer is addicted to words and thus his quench for searching and using them never ends. The word ‘’Buddhu’’ in hindi which means dumb was derived from ‘’Buddh’’. Similarly, ‘’Malang’’ was derived from Sanskrit which means ‘’away from worldly chaos’’ when returned from Arab was changed to ‘Mast Malang’. Mrinal ji believe Hindi to be a Matramukhi (Maternal) language. In today’s generation mothers get worried if child doesn’t know English, they consider it to be a sign of inferiority. The very next moment what she said she won my heart with it. Love when done excessively makes the child dumb, dependent and less confident and for now all we need to do is protect our beautiful language from the very situation. You see, politics is majorly based on language, the smarter you play,  the wider you flourish and once you play it wrong; the game ends there itself. Just as language the society is also transforming with time, attitude and situation but the day we would get a hold on language, the world would become an easier place to understand and live in. 99% of the Hindi books have been translated to English, clearly shows the readership value of the latter.

One of the major highlights of the day was hearing Mrs Poonam Jamwal speak. Mrs Jamwal is the Founder-Vice Chairperson of Kunwar Viyogi Memorial Trust.  The trust has been instituted in the memory of the renowned Dogri litterateur, editor, columnist and Sahitya Akademi Awardee Late Group Captain Randhir Singh, popularly known as ‘Kunwar Viyogi’ in the literary circles. This trust has always served to highlight the importance of art and culture in the regional language of Dogri. This language is also fading away in contemporary times just as the regional language of Hindi and thus, the members of this trust care deeply about reviving both the languages for the future generations.

Mrs Jamwal’s talk was a mix of women in society and the power of Hindi. The major concern she expressed was the diminishing use of Hindi language in contemporary times. She spoke about the troubles that Hindi as a language is facing to grow. In fact, the time is such that to keep the language going it is used mixed with English i.e, Hinglish. It is disappointing at some point to realize that the present generation, is attuned to a Western upbringing and is at times ashamed to use the rustic dialects of its mother-tongue. Thus, the birth of Hinglish which is considered to be quite ‘happening’ and ‘cool’. She also mentioned about how the women of the Society, despite all odds, have established themselves and voices their opinions in a strong way. Mrs Jamwal’s strong and bold personality has been expressed very well through her social work and concerns about preserving the mother tongue.


The next was a panel discussion with the eminent writers of hindi- Piyush Mishra, Vidya Shah, Urvashi and Maitreeji. I would like to acknowledge the commendable efforts by the moderator to cool down the heated discussion and also for putting up interesting questions. The first question was ‘’why do we choose certain things over the others and why do we have to choose at all?’’ Piyush Mishra’s reply to this was ‘confusion’. We all have messed up things in life, to clear it off we must do meditation and introspection. Close your eyes, take deep breath and concentrate. Keep striving hard for the reason you are here so that you can rest in peace later.




Further, to add beauty in the air we had Ayushman Jamwal. Ayushman Jamwal is a journalist with CNN News 18 and has recently written a book called “Chameleon Lights”. The poems in the book are very much relatable and catches human emotions as it has a moral which can connect with people well. He recited some of the beautiful, crisp and mesmerizing versus from his Grandfather’s poetry collection ‘Ghar’. His Grandfather believed that poetry is the closest way to reach God. He always held on to the value of humanity to sustain it. ”A poet is always inclined towards humanity” that’s the reason he choose to be one.

‘Ghar’ is Kunwar Viyogi’s Sahitya Award winning Poem, written in Dogri. The celebrated poet used ‘Ghar’ (Home) as a peg and stringed together 238 four- line verses embracing a wide variety of subjects and ideas and feelings into the poem. Thus the love for Hindi and preserving this ancient mother tongue and heritage has been in their blood since his grandfather’s era. He in this discussion has also tried to portray and tell how much important it is to preserve our literature and its roots.

To conclude I would say that it is actually an honor to know that there are people like Mrs Poonam Jamwal and Mr Ayushman Jamwal who are looking forward to preserving the roots of our traditions and embracing them with their touch of subtlety and eloquence. It’s the duty of the youth to preserve and carry forward our roots and heritage and preserve our language well. Both the Jamwals are active social workers and it is amazing to see them working for the society as well through the Kunwar Viyogi Memorial Trust.

Written By: Simran Kaur

Edited By: Progya Baul


with love& gratitude



Reading liberates the chaos within and at times inspire the muse to flow with the brimming emotions. After a hectic day, my roomie and I were reciting Lang Leav’s poetry to each other and soon, we tried our own hands to weave the song of our heart #Unison.

Guestpost: Monsters Under Your Bed

People are generally afraid of the life in the daylight- the Monday mornings, the overcrowded MTC buses, the grumpy boss, the super strict professor, the insurance due, the crush who might turn your proposal down and oh! Did I mention the queue in the ATMs and banks now?

After fighting through the day, when you finally hit the bed and your eyes give in to the fatigue, all what is left of you is a cocoon in deep slumber. The cocoon and the rest of the world become completely oblivious to each other’s existence. Engulfed in the shell of ignorance, the mind embraces a blissful sleep. Little do you know of the monsters under your bed.


But then, all of us have gone through those occasional sleepless nights that would eat us alive. The broken promises, darkest secrets, stolen dreams, severed relationships and buried memories slowly surface just when you start to drown in the darkness.

Remember making your mommy check for the scary monsters under your bed before you go to sleep, when you were little? Well, now they are not scary anymore, right? What is really scary is the silence of the nights, when one struggles to get a wink of sleep. That is when your heart and mind get into the boxing ring. The stupidest decisions of your life will portray themselves as the wisest ones, on your self-designed humanitarian grounds.

As the soliloquy grows louder, with each question you ask yourself, the silence is sure to scare the life out of you. The wail that you stifle when you realize that there’s absolutely zero possibility of finding your lost love and mending your broken heart, the tears that well in your eyes when you find yourself all alone in a hostel room miles away from home, the heaviness in your chest when you are pushed down the priority list of your friends, the sweat that breaks on your forehead when self-doubt seeps in-are all what is actually scary.

The monsters under your bed are actually the ones inside your head. They feed on your fear, not of the daylights, but of passing the night- the night that probably acquires its black contour from the remains of the burning hearts. The seamless darkness further continues to expand and fill the vacuum. Very often, you tend to get lost in the darkness and become one with it. It might take a million of such sleepless nights before you feel the need to keep your sanity in check.

But you know what the silver lining of your dark cloud is? Do you know what is so beautiful? It’s YOU. The courage to face your fears, accept your flaws, grow through the pain and survive to fight the same demons all over again is what makes you a beautiful damsel amidst your distress. It is when you crumble, collapse, and almost die but refuse to give up, the air around you exudes your vibrancy. With every night you cross, you become immune to what was once potent enough to kill you.

Acknowledge your little marvel. Shine through the gloom. Hold on to hope, for the speed of darkness, my dear, is the speed at which we leave the light.

Thank you so much Srimathi for honoring my blog with such a beautiful and inspiring write-up. Can’t wait to see you as a published writer. Much love! ❤

Never to return

This post has been published by me as a part of Bloga-Ton 58; the fifty-eighth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. In association with Saravana Kumar Murugan, the editor of Shades Of Life book series.


What you give is what you get 

Life is too short to smug and fret

Direct yourself towards what you yearn 

Time is flying, never to return 

Nourish relations for they might rust

Recognize among the crowd whom you can entrust 

Lets hold on to each other before we adjourn 

Time is flying, never to return

Moment by moment life would compress

Soon, things would turn into nothingness 

All materialistic chords would detach and burn

Time is flying, never to return

But, do not give up on yourself ever

Your name would echo in hearts forever 

If you courage to stand out of the queue 

Time will still be flying but to return back to you

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Book Review-When Life Turns Turtle by Raj Supe


Book Details:
Title: When Life Turns Turtle
Author: Raj Supe

Genre: Spiritual Fiction
Type: Paperback
Publisher: Leadstart Publishing
Language: English
Pages: 467
Year of Publication: 2016
Price:  INR
Buy Paperback: Flipkart | Amazon

About the Author: 

Raj Supe is a poet, storyteller, novelist, seeker and a bhakta. After qualifying his Masters degree in Business Administration (MBA), he had a career in advertising, research and creative consulting and has worked on advertising for several international and national clients before he turned to literature and spirituality. Raj is one of the founding members of FCN and is currently compiling and editing an anthology titled ‘Contemplation of Nature’. His works include novels such as ‘Three No Trumps’, ‘Big Bappa’; poetry collection ‘Sagarika Anusagarika’ – Echoes for Nine Rivers; ‘Pilgrim of the Sky’- spiritual memoir and translations of religious texts such as ‘Cloudburst of Thousand Suns’ and ‘Rainbow at Noon’, long listed on Crossword Vodafone Awards. His writings convey the passionate intensity of a seeker, the sincerity of one who hopes to bring about an ideal mix of traditional mythic imagery and the urgencies of post-modern life.

The Blurb:

As the seasons pass, as pass they will… Indraneel gradually opens his mind to what he finds around him, delving step by step into the truth about spirituality and human existence. A measure of peace finally descends on his tormented mind.
But the world beckons yet again and Indraneel stands at a crossroads once more. He is asked to make a difficult choice. Will he submit to the strong current of spirituality now flowing within him? Does a spiritual life mean giving up everything else? Can he ever go back to the world? Will he find the happiness he so desperately seeks?

The Reviewer’s Heart:

Indraneel is a successful Bollywood director. He is well settled and has all the good fortune. At the zenith point of his life and career, the car of his life takes a reverse gear landing him into an abyss. Anguish, Pain and hopelessness bury themselves deep in his heart as he tries to see through pain. Searching for hope, he lands in Rishikesh, the land of answers. The holy waters of Ganges changes his perspective of seeing life.

It is a fantastic book for anyone who wants to make a change in their lives. It is a trove of treasure that will lure the reader to reflect on their opinions. It describes toughest concepts of life in a soothing way and captures everything vividly creating interest to the reader. The book in a scintillating manner shows that everything has a purpose and that nothing happens by chance. It deeply hides a great potential to inspire a differential change in our lives.

The descriptions are evocative bringing the scenes to mind with clarity. The language of the book is good, though not unblemished. The cover which is in soothing brown shades support the theme of the story. The accent of the book is not on the plot but on the message it wants to convey. If the reader is interested in descriptive and reflective perspectives of life, this book would definitely add in to my “TO BE READ AGAIN PILE”.

Blurb: 4 /5
Description: 4/5
Writing Style: 3 /5
Book Cover: 4 /5
Overall Rating: 4/5
This book was given to me by author in exchange for an honest review. I am glad to read and review it. The opinions expressed in the review are my own, and remain unbiased and uninfluenced. I have given a four-star rating on Goodreads and FlipKart as I nothing less than that would be fair.
Book Reviewed by Srujan 

Bits and Pieces



Yesterday while I was sowing a seed

I discovered an analogy between trees and us

A life would breathe under the sunshine 

And would find its own purpose

Just as we grow, learn and experience 

The tree would respire, inspire and flourish too

Birds would perch on its branches 

And so the dearest of people in our lives would

By the passage of time, the tree would grow old

Wealthier than before, bearing sweet fruits

People seek solace under it and tasty grace

The same ‘interest’ thrives among the human race

Now both of us have turned older, weaker and drier 

Branches of the tree are stripped and bared

It routed toward several directions, ups and downs

To explore its limit and willingness to touch the sky

A lifetime goes by to earn wealth and reputation

But at the end our lives are as bared as those branches 

People might leave us behind the curtain and lackluster 

What stays are just the bits and pieces to reminiscence 



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