Bits and Pieces



Yesterday while I was sowing a seed

I discovered an analogy between trees and us

A life would breathe under the sunshine 

And would find its own purpose

Just as we grow, learn and experience 

The tree would respire, inspire and flourish too

Birds would perch on its branches 

And so the dearest of people in our lives would

By the passage of time, the tree would grow old

Wealthier than before, bearing sweet fruits

People seek solace under it and tasty grace

The same ‘interest’ thrives among the human race

Now both of us have turned older, weaker and drier 

Branches of the tree are stripped and bared

It routed toward several directions, ups and downs

To explore its limit and willingness to touch the sky

A lifetime goes by to earn wealth and reputation

But at the end our lives are as bared as those branches 

People might leave us behind the curtain and lackluster 

What stays are just the bits and pieces to reminiscence 



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