Through the Darkness

After watching the movie Arth directed by Mahesh Bhatt based on a popular cine-star Praveen Babi’s life and her traumatic days through depression I was left numb and perturbed. That’s when one of my blogging friends Shraddha suggested an idea of co-writing a poem. I was all set to pour down my heart; overwhelmed with emotions. Kudos for Shraddha for matching up the frequency and the flow so brilliantly. Here you go 🙂


My scars bleed secretly

The world is only black for me

No mornings illume my soul

My breaths are lost in this storm.


I look myself in the mirror

Eyes bulging out and skin paler

The resplendent beauty I had once, is lost

I’m scared of my hollow self


Fear and gloom are ingesting me

 No kinship left with love and zeal

 I deny to unite with the world

 Dark images reflect from everywhere


Bit by bit I’m dying inside, lurking

A pair of eyes stares at me, continuously

As if it would engulf me inside

In my own cocoon I struggle to survive


Shadows surround me

Yelling their expectations

Guilt galloping in my blood

Lost are my abilities and possessions


I am unable to hold on to people

It’s all temporary, says their greedy smile

I am tired of running, sweating and hiding

But still, I hope to revive


Pushing filthy shadows aside

I resolved to regain myself & reconcile

No power or possession can attribute to

Contentment and serenity, I’ve understood 


What you seek is seeking you

Is what the great poet Rumi says

Once again I want to live, smile and love

May the darkness of depression elude away


Happy Tears

10 55 Fiction: Fictional writings bounded to a maximum of 55 words.

Participated in Flash Fiction Friday!


Today when I sit and recollect those days with the old photo album in my hands, iridescent memories fall impeccably on me.We are smiling and I’m sitting in your lap holding the corner of your pink dupatta. The next one is, you are giving a push to my swing; my eyes twinkling in sheer excitement. I am breaking into a laughter as you mimic while reading out bed-time story to me. I feel afresh and just as I turn the page what I find is, a very special photograph- when we met each other for the first time. I, very delicate and fragile sleeping in your protective arms. The same beautiful smile you look at me with even today. My seventh birthday; all my friends had gathered around. Their eyes set on the butter scotch cake but mine on dad and you- smiling ear to ear. There is one messy photo which I adore the most for our mutual love for arts and painting. Oops! We painted each other instead 😛

I can not recall a moment when you left me out even when every one else had.You have always uplifted when others showed me down. You taught me that though the world is not easy, do not be tough but be kind. Always spread love and liveliness to whomsoever I meet because we never know what the other person is going through. Be simple and never compare myself with others, instead fall in love with who I am and improve my weak points. To be happy with what all I have- more or less and to always believe in my destiny. Mom, though we are far apart but always close heart to heart. I have kept all your values intact and that’s what has turned me into a person I am today. I reflect you and I can not be prouder about anything else. Missing your extra attention, loving gestures, homemade food which lands me to the heaven right through my taste buds. Can’t wait to see you, Mom 🙂 *Love and Hugs*

❤ Happy Mother’s Day ❤1891399_1588879581386574_7027727732194349442_o


Immigration Of A Soul

Last night I saw a shadow

In the roar of drizzle and lightning 

Amidst the green wavy meadow 

And suddenly darkness engulfed 

I stood before the window in awe

A creepy memory then flashed back 

Of the hidden cemetery under the carpet

Strange pair of hands enclosed my eyes

My soul stirred as chill ran down spine 

Out of fear I out-cried my helplessness

Only to be answered by a devil’s laughter 

I frantically moved my hand around

To hurt the devil and give him a wound

Just as I stepped back to attack, the room glowed

It all disappeared, lost in a moment or 

Was there someone at all? A wandering soul?

The carpet looked all more red than before

A soul emerged with a puff of cool breeze 

In a captivating aura don’t know when did I asleep.


Written for A Week For Writing – Prompt 101.

Prompt wordle included the following words: Enclose, blossoms, cemetery, twinkle, carpet, shadow, asleep, memory, disappear, lightning 










Moment by moment 

sand would pass through

from one end to the other

emptying this and filling that

How void it feels during hard days

and full of life on the others

And though for some time

you would feel lost

and engulfed by the past

…just wait!

Just wait for the hourglass

to turn upside down

 Written for A to Z Challenge 2016


Letters, those heartfelt ones

Long awaited; worth the waiting

When you hold them close to heart

Perseverance in life comes


Their faces not seen in ages

But a piece of them, their emotions

Etched word after word, you read a

hundred times to dive into the ocean


The ocean of feelings, perennial

Know no way to stay still and quite

Imagination comes to the rescue

Just as the dream in the daylight


With love, evolved expressions

Mails, text messages and chats

Has something special about them

You smile, laugh, mock, love, kiss and what not


You are free to feel ten different things at a time

And yet express them all in a go, just tap

Tap what you feel and then there will be a time

When words would cease to exist, thanks to emojis


Written for A to Z Challenge 2016




Fiction 55: Delusion

On some days she sits there on her study table, take out her notebook and a pen to scribble down her yet another dream she saw the last night. She is running, sweating and panting hard. Her heart-beats at a rate as if about to explode. Her voice choked inside. And then her alarm buzz.

Written for A to Z Challenge 2016

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