Through the Darkness

After watching the movie Arth directed by Mahesh Bhatt based on a popular cine-star Praveen Babi’s life and her traumatic days through depression I was left numb and perturbed. That’s when one of my blogging friends Shraddha suggested an idea of co-writing a poem. I was all set to pour down my heart; overwhelmed with emotions. Kudos for Shraddha for matching up the frequency and the flow so brilliantly. Here you go 🙂


My scars bleed secretly

The world is only black for me

No mornings illume my soul

My breaths are lost in this storm.


I look myself in the mirror

Eyes bulging out and skin paler

The resplendent beauty I had once, is lost

I’m scared of my hollow self


Fear and gloom are ingesting me

 No kinship left with love and zeal

 I deny to unite with the world

 Dark images reflect from everywhere


Bit by bit I’m dying inside, lurking

A pair of eyes stares at me, continuously

As if it would engulf me inside

In my own cocoon I struggle to survive


Shadows surround me

Yelling their expectations

Guilt galloping in my blood

Lost are my abilities and possessions


I am unable to hold on to people

It’s all temporary, says their greedy smile

I am tired of running, sweating and hiding

But still, I hope to revive


Pushing filthy shadows aside

I resolved to regain myself & reconcile

No power or possession can attribute to

Contentment and serenity, I’ve understood 


What you seek is seeking you

Is what the great poet Rumi says

Once again I want to live, smile and love

May the darkness of depression elude away


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