Today when I sit and recollect those days with the old photo album in my hands, iridescent memories fall impeccably on me.We are smiling and I’m sitting in your lap holding the corner of your pink dupatta. The next one is, you are giving a push to my swing; my eyes twinkling in sheer excitement. I am breaking into a laughter as you mimic while reading out bed-time story to me. I feel afresh and just as I turn the page what I find is, a very special photograph- when we met each other for the first time. I, very delicate and fragile sleeping in your protective arms. The same beautiful smile you look at me with even today. My seventh birthday; all my friends had gathered around. Their eyes set on the butter scotch cake but mine on dad and you- smiling ear to ear. There is one messy photo which I adore the most for our mutual love for arts and painting. Oops! We painted each other instead 😛

I can not recall a moment when you left me out even when every one else had.You have always uplifted when others showed me down. You taught me that though the world is not easy, do not be tough but be kind. Always spread love and liveliness to whomsoever I meet because we never know what the other person is going through. Be simple and never compare myself with others, instead fall in love with who I am and improve my weak points. To be happy with what all I have- more or less and to always believe in my destiny. Mom, though we are far apart but always close heart to heart. I have kept all your values intact and that’s what has turned me into a person I am today. I reflect you and I can not be prouder about anything else. Missing your extra attention, loving gestures, homemade food which lands me to the heaven right through my taste buds. Can’t wait to see you, Mom 🙂 *Love and Hugs*

❤ Happy Mother’s Day ❤1891399_1588879581386574_7027727732194349442_o



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