Immigration Of A Soul

Last night I saw a shadow

In the roar of drizzle and lightning 

Amidst the green wavy meadow 

And suddenly darkness engulfed 

I stood before the window in awe

A creepy memory then flashed back 

Of the hidden cemetery under the carpet

Strange pair of hands enclosed my eyes

My soul stirred as chill ran down spine 

Out of fear I out-cried my helplessness

Only to be answered by a devil’s laughter 

I frantically moved my hand around

To hurt the devil and give him a wound

Just as I stepped back to attack, the room glowed

It all disappeared, lost in a moment or 

Was there someone at all? A wandering soul?

The carpet looked all more red than before

A soul emerged with a puff of cool breeze 

In a captivating aura don’t know when did I asleep.


Written for A Week For Writing – Prompt 101.

Prompt wordle included the following words: Enclose, blossoms, cemetery, twinkle, carpet, shadow, asleep, memory, disappear, lightning 









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